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Allscription Price Worksheet  

Our price is based on some of the factors listed below. Please choose one option for each question, fill out the form below and click 'Submit'. You will receive our price for transcription service by e-mail or phone from a member of our sales staff. If you would rather speak to a member of our sales staff now, call us at 1-800-515-0095.

Contact Information

Name and Title:*
Facility Name:*
Street Address:

01) Your facility is a
02) How are you presently handling your transcription service needs?
In-house Home Workers
Handwritten Speech Recognition
EMR Other
Outsourced / Contracted out
03) Do you have any EMR or EHR now?
Yes No
04) What is your most preferred mode of dictation (audio recording)?
Use SpectraMedi’s
Phone-in system Digital Recorders  
PDA or PC Application Combination  
Own phone-in dictation system
Own Digital Recorders/PDAs
05) What is your required turnaround time (TAT) for your transcribed reports (transcription)?
Less than a day
Next Day 1 to 2 Days 1 to 3 Days
a) On an average how many reports your doctors will be dictating?  per 
b) How much do you spend for MT?  per 
07) How many doctors/providers will be dictating with us?
08) How soon do you plan to change the transcription service?
Immediately Within One Month Long Range
Within two weeks Within Two To Four Months
09) Besides you who else is involved in making decision to change transcription service?
I alone make the decision
10) Do you consider your transcription need as permanent long term or temporary short term requirement?
Permanent long term (1 year or more)
Temporary short term (few weeks to few months)
11) How are you currently charged for transcription services and how much?
Per ( )-Character Gross Line
Per 55-characters
Per Word Per Page
Per Report Per Hour
Per Year Other
12) Among Quality, Turnaround Time and Price, what is most important to you?
Turnaround Time
13) Have you received prices from any other company or whom are we competing with to earn your business?
14) What price range I have to be at to earn your business?
15) Do you have any means to give us your patient details such as patient names, their account number, date of birth etc. in Microsoft Excel or CSV or HL-7 interface?
Yes – can give us in Microsoft Excel or CSV
Yes – can give it through HL-7 interface
No – print and fax only
16) Comments
17) How did you hear about us?