How to Collect Home Insurance Quotes in Florida

Florida has the most expensive home insurance rates than any other state. In fact, residents here are paying twice the national average, sometimes more when it comes to coverage. These expensive rates are due to hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfire, and tropical storms. The average rate for home coverage here in the Sunshine State is a jaw-dropping $1500 per year. For that reason, it is smart to understand how to collect home insurance quotes in Florida and the many benefits they can provide to you.

It’s quite a hard task to find reasonably priced coverage for your home in Florida. Mostly due to the state being known for 6 out of 10 deadly hurricanes in US history. As a result, tons of insurers in Florida have dropped out of the market.

Obtaining coverage here can be quite a challenge if you don’t visit But first you should know the methods of collecting Florida home insurance quotes.

How to Collect Florida Home Quotes

Collecting quotes is free. There is no limit on how many you can collect either. In fact, the more quotes you collect the better your chances are of finding a great rate. One of the many benefits of collecting home insurance quotes in Florida is knowing the current pricing of the home insurance market. In addition, collecting can help you save hundreds on a policy.

The first step for collecting quotes is to gather all the information you need. That way you have everything ready to go, all in one place. In order to receive a homeowners insurance quote, you will be asked to provide information to identify yourself, such as your date of birth, your social security number, and the address of the home you want to insure. Be aware that an agent may ask you these questions about the home:

  • Has this home had any renovations or repair work done?
  • What’s the current condition of your home and its amenities?

Second, once you have all the information you need. It’s time to start collecting quotes! Many people simply type “home insurance quotes Florida” into google and sees there is a massive list of results like this. Insurance companies will do whatever it takes to lead you to their site and get a quote.

Make sure you know how much coverage you need, this is crucial before diving into the quote process. Along with an online search, check around with friends and neighbors. They will be able to give you a better insight into which companies would be great for you.

When it comes time to compare your Florida home insurance quotes, consider each company no matter how big or small, always remember to research customer reviews and determine if they would work well with you. Quotes and a Home policy are very important when a disaster strikes you want your company and policy to be there for you. Do your research and grab a few quotes today.

How Much is Florida Renters Insurance?

Florida experiences higher than average extreme weather conditions due to hurricanes. Residents deal with hail, high winds, and rain quite a bit. This is one of the main reasons why Florida renters insurance is important to have. A Florida renters policy from will cover you and property along with guests and their own personal property if it becomes lost or stolen.

The average cost of a policy here in Florida is an estimated $12 each month or $144 per year, for $30,000 in property coverage and at least $100,000 in liability coverages. In order to determine if this is enough coverage for you, add up the value of the items inside your rental.

This is only a small fraction of what homeowners would pay for coverage. Why is the difference so extreme? This is simply because renters coverage does not cover the cost of building, it only covers the stuff inside the building.

As a renter, you are completely responsible for your own belongings. You can also receive a discount on your policy by bundling. Either way, Florida renters insurance is affordable according to data at There is no excuse not to purchase a policy. Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected?

Renters Insurance in Florida Will Cover My Property?

A policy will be able to cover any personal property located inside your home. For example, this includes furniture, computers, your electronics, jewelry, and clothing. Always include high-priced items that you would want to replace or need if a disaster were to occur.

Homes located inland here in Florida are not as vulnerable as cities along the coastline. Even though risk inland is not as great, you still need to consider other perils that would require you to purchase renters coverage. For example, vandalism, burglaries, smoke or water damage, and electric surges. Pretty much any damages that aren’t inflicted by you on your property will be covered.

Along with your property, your policy will also include liability coverage. This coverage will help protect you from paying medical bills out of pocket if someone becomes injured on your property. It will also pay other people’s medical bills if you are sued as a result of an accident.

Renters insurance in Florida is also crucial because your landlord’s insurance will not cover your belongings. It’s not worth the risk of not being covered. If you are currently renting in Florida or are looking to rent always remember the importance of a policy.

3 Ways to Compare Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

What is a quote? It’s quite simple, a quote is an estimation of what your monthly premium with a potential insurance company will be. Quotes can change at any time. If you receive a quote with a great rate, it’s important to act as soon as possible. In addition, the accuracy of a quote depends on how accurate the information provided is. Keep reading below to understand the importance of comparing car insurance quotes in Florida.

Different auto providers here in Florida will almost always produce very different quotes for the same person, even if the policies that are being compared are identical. Therefore, comparison shopping is crucial when it comes to buying coverage. Smart shoppers will compare multiple car insurance quotes in Florida. By rule of thumb, this is usually around 4 or 5 quotes, so you are sure you are receiving a good deal.

Comparison websites like can let you instantly compare quotes from multiple insurance providers, it can really be a huge help and time saver. These websites can provide you with accurate car insurance quotes in Florida, personalized rates, discounts, and coverage options all on one website.

In order for you to receive accurate quotes, comparison sites will ask you for basic information. This information includes your name, zip code, employment, vehicle make and model, and your driving history.

You will need to provide basic information in order to receive your quotes. Remember certain factors will affect the rates you receive. Factors such as your driving history, age, marital status, gender, and even your credit history.  If you have a poor driving record, it may be in your best interests to take a driving course. Many insurers will provide a discount if you pass this course.

How Often Should I Compare Quotes?

If you are currently unhappy with your policy’s price or are just curious about what other companies out there, it is recommended that you sit down and compare quotes. Studies have also shown that customers should be comparing rates around every two to three years unless you are unhappy with your current carrier.

Insurance rates are always changing according to By taking the time to compare car insurance quotes in Florida, you too can start potentially saving hundreds of dollars. There are so many benefits to receive by comparing. Do not make the mistake most customers do by only collecting one quote and stopping. There are so many companies out there to explore, your next best rate could be with them!